How we can help

How we can help:

Knowledge is power, and community is key. Below are some of our responsibilities and undertakings to ensure the stable growth, security and adoption of our community and to help provide intrinsic value to our holders and investors

Formidable Tokenomics

❖Always a 90% PancakeSwap Lock Ratio
❖10% goes towards the further growth and development of the community, teams salaries, and legal costs
❖Developer wallets will never hold more than .01% of the total supply of tokens(This is because it’s nearly impossible to make it a solid whole number when dealing with DxSale presale token ratios to fees.)
❖Releases will always be mentioned at least a week in advanced to the community
❖Renounced ownership of the smart contracts once we feel the token has matured. We will still stay on as the main hosts to ensure it’s growth and sustainability(But this is not a promise, the Cryptocurrency marketplace is a very hostile and volatile place. The price could dump instantly due to whales or bots selling, causing panic sales. We have no control over this movement. But we will always do our best to provide the best communication and education to reassure the new investors)
❖Community Vetted Tokens: Upon further success and growth of the community, we’ll launch weekly polls asking the members of our discord channel for suggestions towards the next token. We’ll do polls for the theme, name, allotted token amount, market cap size, tax/burn mechanisms and percentages, token image, and more!
❖Upon 2500 holders of each token, we’ll have the tokens logo image submitted to Trust Wallet/Metamask
❖Upon success of each token, we’ll have it uploaded to CMC, CoinGecko, and possibly new exchanges depending on the community’s feedback.
❖Due to the extortionate costs of performing a smart contract audit, we won’t be able to afford to have every single token audited. We’ll see to it that the community gets the final say in which tokens deserve a proper audit(Most likely the same ones that’ll be listed on larger exchanges).

Frequent coin minting & launches

A major operation of our company and community is our ability to develop and mint legally secure and reliable decentralized finance(DeFi) tokens for the larger alternative Crypto marketplace. As a way to deter against and prevent the constant and persistent releases of fraudulent tokens, we have determined to keep to a CryptoCravers token release schedule in confidences that investors would decide to choose our token over risking the possibility of losing their investment in an unknown token and mysterious development team.

Doxed & Accesible Dev Team

The Founders of the CryptoCravers LLC understand the importance of transparency with regards to trust, which is why they have willingly doxxed themselves.

The development team is fully accessible through our social media accounts and mainly our discord community platform. We do have office hours that you can view through our discord page here (link discord server)

Discord Server

Registered Limited Liability Company

The CryptoCravers is a limited liability company registered in Delaware. We ensured our legality to instill an added layer of confidence and trust in our investors. Each token released through our platform is protected under the law, making it illegal to rugpull or scam. You can view our documentation here. 

The Docs

Weekly / Bi Weekly podcasts

As we strive towards growth and prosperity within this community, we have decided to start our own CryptoCravers podcast! We’ll be hosting Cryptocurrency and Blockchain experts, successful investors, developers, and other various crypto community figures! (Make a website page for our podcasts so they can watch them right through our website)